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Some families fear math! Many families are afraid of talking about math at home. Imagine our children growing up enjoying math, not afraid of it, and confident. 

Math Before Bed brings math INTO your conversations with your family. The beautiful images open a doorway for you and your family to talk about math concepts easily without hurting your head.

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Boost your K-12 students problem solving skills by giving Math Before Bed prompts. It leads to inspiring discussions about different math strategies for all 5 math strands!

Judy - @KauaiJudy

This book is a wonderful resource for the classroom. Students are engaged and critically thinking about math without any prompting. All hands are up, to share ideas, when we are reading this book together. ​

Kelly Carter

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Math Before Bed is self published and printed in Canada. 

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Jon Orr

Jon is a math teacher at John McGregor Secondary School in the Lambton-Kent District School Board in Ontario Canada. Lately he is excited about promoting struggle in his students and talking math with primary aged kids. He lives with his wife and three daughters in Tilbury, Ontario Canada

Math Is Built To Discuss
So Let's Do It!

We want our children to like math more than we did! But we’re not sure how we can make that happen.  

Math Before Bed brings math INTO your conversations. The prompts and beautifully shot images open a doorway for you and your child to talk about math concepts without hurting your head.

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