Two Cubes

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Extensions:How many more yellow squares do you need to add to the big cube to make the big cube’s face more yellow? Draw a cube that each face has an equal amount of yellow.\’a0Which cube’s face is more red?

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  1. i guess that we will start w/ defining what’s ‘more’ yellow mean…. proportionally the small one is more yellow since it’s 1/2 (or 50%) yellow, while the large one is only 33% yellow. Then again, since the ‘whole’ is different (size/dimension, referring mostly to ‘area’ & ‘coverage’), then it seems to me the large cube has a higher amount of yellow (but i can’t be sure without measurements or ratios; so this is an estimate) =) Thanks for sharing this task!

  2. It depends on how you look at it. The smaller cube is 1/2 yellow, but the bigger cube is 1/3 yellow. In that case, the smaller cube is more yellow. However, the bigger cube is more yellow if you are just counting how many total yellow spaces there are.

  3. The tiny cube is, 1/2 because it has one less than the bigger one so the bigger one would have to be 1/3 which it bigger. So the bigger cube. And percentage ? The bigger one would be 50%

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