Two of a Kind

Why are those two the most alike? Which shapes would say are opposites? Why?

16 thoughts on “Two of a Kind”

    1. The top middle one and the bottom right one.I know because if you move the points from the top middle one off,
      it will become a circle.

  1. The second and fourth shapes are alike because the shapes are alike. One has 6 sides the other has 8 sides. If you add two sides to the 6 sides shape you get 8.

    The triangle an the circle are opposite because the circle has no sides and the triangle has 3 sides.

  2. Kade says the two on the bottom left are most alike because one has five sides and the other has six sides. But the triangle and diamond are also alike since the triangle has three sides and the diamond has four sides. Kade thinks the octagon and the circle are the most different because one has no sides and one has eight sides.

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