WODB 10 Frames

14 thoughts on “WODB 10 Frames”

  1. Are they not all the same? The bottom left can not be rotated to look like the others but in a 10 frame do they all not have 6? This is a new concept for me never learned 10 frames

  2. Yep they all have 5. Different children will see this different ways which is the real power of these. What this scenario develops is an understanding that 5 can be made up in different ways and that the orientation does not change the ‘fiveness’ of the number. A critical conceptual understanding for children. Great question about how this all works!

  3. I would say the one on the bottom right. The other 3 frames are all horizontally oriented and the one on the bottom right is vertical. 🙂

  4. The one on the bottom left that is because for all the other ones they are in a line but in that one it is not in one line.????

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