Ask your students to look and share what they see. Potential discussion topics: How many shapes? How many of each colour? What is the perimeter? What fractions can you see?



11 thoughts on “I Spy…”

  1. I spy:shapes that are triangles,trapezoids.
    I spy: 16 triangles.
    I spy: the value 5 for the big shape ,when the red shape value 1.
    I spy the value 10 for the big shape,when the red shape value 2.

  2. i spy:
    3 triangles
    1 diamond
    i see:
    3 green colors
    3 red
    2 blue
    1+1=2 (blue)
    1+1+1=3 (green)
    1+1+1=3 (red)
    2+2+2=6 (red)

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