How many?

How do you know?

79 thoughts on “Marshmallows”

  1. there are 38 obviously count them
    you are definitely wrong there are 38 you count them
    there isn’t 50 because it isn’t 5 by 10, and it isn’t 4 by 10 because there are two missing at the top so if it was a “five by ten” it would have 48 but it’s a “4 by 10” so it has 38

  2. There is 38 how I know well in two columns there are ten marshmallows and that equals 20 and in the other two columns there are 9 and 20 plus 9 plus 9 equals 38

  3. There is 38 marshmallows in all. How I know is that if you count by 2s 19 times that means that 19 times 2 equals 38 so that is how I got that answer.

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