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A Pattern with 4

Exemplars: Thank you @MathBeforeBed for helping us with our morning math challenge! — Mrs Piacente-Cimini (@spiacentecimini) November 29, 2017

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Mystery Number

Thinking from young ones: Amazing math problem solving today with @MathBeforeBed . Noticed 3 numbers between 6,10,14 so changed guess

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Hardest Layer

\ \ Have your child draw the layers if it helps. Ask how they determined how many circles on that

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Pentomino Puzzles

\ \ Visit the Desmos activity at\’a0\’a0to play some rounds of Pentomino Puzzles. As always, encourage discussion on how you

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Missing Cherries

\ \ How many cherries should be in the 7th pile if the pattern continues? Create another pattern that starts

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