Kylo’s Missing Something.

How many? How do you know? How did you count?

25 thoughts on “Kylo’s Missing Something.”

  1. We originally thought 51 because we counted the top row and the side column, for 6 x 9. Then subtracted the 3 missing pieces.

    BUT then we counted and got 47. Not all pieces are the same height and width.

  2. The puzzle consists of 50 pieces but there are 3 missing which means there are 47 pieces showing in the puzzle. Also the two end rows have 9 pieces and the four inside rows have 8 pieces, 9+9=18 8×4=32 32+18=50-3=47.

  3. i counted 48 pieces of puzzle
    3 pieces of puzzle are missing
    45 pieces of puzzle are remaining

    23 eggs missing
    i counted it by the empty space on the create to know the missing amount of eggs

    the numbers that are missing behind the squares are
    35,36,25,26,15,and 16

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