Pepper Colours

How many? What do you notice? What do you wonder?

27 thoughts on “Pepper Colours”

  1. We notice that there are a lot of peppers in rainbow colors and in the shape of a rainbow.
    Red 50
    orange 24
    yellow 25
    green 18
    we even counted peppers that were only a little bit in the picture
    all together there are 117

  2. i notice that they are telling if they are ripe ot nt like bottem is not ripe and top is fully ripe!!! i wonder nothing and how many? well we to be procice we need to see he whole thing

  3. Red 50, orange colour 24, yellow 25, green 18,
    I noticed that they are sorted in different colours, and it looks like a rainbow.

  4. 5o red, oringe 24, 25 yellow, 18 green.I wonder why the red peppers are on top, and I wonder why the green are on the bottom. I notice how some of the red peppers are darker then others.

  5. There are 117 peppers in total.
    They are assorted in rainbow order.
    Why did they choose rainbow order and why did they choose peppers ?

  6. Red 59, Orange 24, Yellow 20, Green 18
    I wonder why some green peppers have orange on them?

  7. I am sorry older NICE kids!You can’t blame me after all I am only 8.And I have six older sibilings!

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