Brain Patterns

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

What patterns can you see?

12 thoughts on “Brain Patterns”

  1. This is a game of master mind you try to guess the order of colour pegs. Black means you have the right colour in the right spot. White means you have the right colour in the wrong spot. Hence why there is always some black and some white depending on where they are place. I also noticed in the second row from the top there should be 3 white pegs for three correct colours in the wrong spots.

  2. I see a lot of deferent patterns and colours brain
    And i see 6 green and 5 blues 7 pink and 7 yellows and 3 black
    And 12 little blacks and 9 whites

  3. Everyone has a yellow and pink in the row!
    The second from the bottom and second from the top both have black!

  4. I saw 6 different colors.
    6 are green, 5 are blue, 7 yellow and pink, 3 big blacks, 13 small blacks and 9 whites.

  5. I noticed that every column has a yellow and pink brain ball. I wonder why there are only three big black brain balls?

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