I spy scary things…

I spy 11 spiders.

I spy 1 pretzel

How many hats can you find?

I spy the calculator.

I spy four pumpkins.

14 thoughts on “I spy scary things…”

    1. i spy 6 bats.
      i spy 4 pizzas.
      i spy 4 flashlights.
      i spy 5 robots.
      i spy 4 dragons.
      i spy 4 ouctupuses.

  1. four pizza

    four octopi

    ten different kinds of hats
    two bonnets
    two top hats
    two cowboy hats
    three baseball caps
    and one viking hat

    four pumpkins

    seven cockroaches

    six bats

    two owls

    five robots

    three puzzle pieces

    nuff said.

  2. I spy 4 octopus
    I spy 4 pizza slices
    I spy 7 bats
    I spy 1 scary calculator
    I spy 5 robots
    I spy 12 spiders

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